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About Me

Hey there! So happy to have you here! I'm Susan, and this is my sweet lil family. This is our spot to share with you all about our family journey to livin' the THRIVE LIFE! 

When I first became a Mama just over 5 years ago, I really became aware of the need to shift away from living in a state of reaction.  Before becoming a parent, I rarely gave a second thought to the things in my lifestyle that were preventing me from living a thriving existence.  And then suddenly I had this sweet baby boy and I spent countless hours getting caught up in frantic thoughts of "What if something happens to me and I can't be here for him". It was ACTION + TAKE RESPONSIBILITY time! 

 And so I have spent the better part of the last 5 years slowly but surely transforming our emotional, physical + spiritual wellness.  We still have SO much work to do, but thats the truly fun part.  Taking small steps, tackling one area at a time, and truly creating a life and a lifestyle that is filled with abundance, health and fulfillment.

Diving into these areas of designing a thriving life has brought some of the most wonderful people into my circle! My goal is that I continue to attract beautiful, like-minded women and families who share similar desires for their homes and personal journeys. I adore being surrounded by people who lift me higher, people who are eager to talk about their dreams, and people who are also on a path of designing a life of abundance.  You're here for a reason, and I'll bet you that we have some pretty cool things we can learn from eachother!

With thriving vibes,


A Thriving Biz

 I believe that women who have taken a deep dive into self development {or are feeling the urge to dive!} are unstoppable. I believe they can fill limitless buckets when their own bucket is full. I believe women can create dreamy change + choice for their families. I believe that you + and I will add value TOGETHER, if these statements speak to your heart.

If you'd like more information on pairing a desire for natural living with the most beautifully organic biz model, please take a few moments to answer these questions below... from the heart. - xo

The Thrive Life Team

You know that feeling... When you know you're on the right path? You know it because you just keep attracting people into your life that actually lift you up, make your heart feel full, and challenge you to continue to uplevel? They somehow help erase the fear of tackling personal development, and they teach you something you're meant to learn because you get to journey through life as an entrepreneur TOGETHER.  

These are just a few of the totally inspiring women who are each building a THRIVING global wellness biz with me. And we are JUST getting started.  

Hop on over to the Thriving Biz page if this sounds like you too! - Susan xo


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